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Non Clog Pump

Non Clog Pumps are the specially designed centrifugal pumps, which use closed impellers along with at most two to three vanes. This pump is usually designed to pass the trash or solids up to 3” in the diameter. The pumps are so designed that they handle well the unscreened liquids that contain solids up to 20 times the normal size that a conventional pump can usually handle. We at Active Seals are the Non Clog Pump Manufacturers. We offer a sturdy and strong pumps that are much needed for the mud water, slurry and ETP. The products of our company are rust resistant and well-furnished to provide you with high quality service.

Our company aims to be the best Non Clog Pump suppliers by assisting the customers to select their required pumping equipment from our exclusive range of the pump which will be best suited for the pumping of the sewage, Storm water, food solids, slurries, industrial waste, paper pulp or any such other solid materials mixed in the liquid. The pump can be manufactured using different materials to suit the specific applications for which the customer is buying it.

Our companies have a huge range of this product so as to provide the equipment’s flawless performance during its operation. We make our products available in both the domestic as well as international markets and are recognized as one of the prominent Non Clog Pump suppliers. Our products have a huge demand in the market because of its various features like bearing, durability, excellent thermal reserve and the energy saving. The thermal reserve and energy saving feature helps the user to reduce in the cost of energy. The pumps are also available in customized finishes as per the client’s specific requirements, if any be there.

The Non Clog Pumps find their application in the domestic sector as well as various industries like disposing of sewage, cooking deck wash engine, marine application and many more. The pumps of our company provide you with hassle free performance so that you do not have to waste much time in fixing it and putting into use. We at Active Seals are the authorized dealer of the “well-tech” pumps as well as the “well-tech” Self Priming non clog pumps. These mud pumps are used for the water, sludge, sea water, ETP water, lubricants like petrol, diesel, kerosene oil, etc. The pumps are abrasion resistant and rust proof. The pumps are very easy to install and just as easy to remove. Thus, it will not consume a lot of your time. The operation of the pump is very simple, and the maintenance is very low.

Non Clog Pump – SM

We are authorized dealer of the “well-tech” pumps and “well-tech” self priming non clog pumps.

This type of mud pump is used for the water, sea water, sludge, ETP water, kerosene, petrol, diesel etc.

It is abrasion resistant and rust proof pump. It is easy to install and easy to remove. It has simple operation and low maintenance.


Dewatering Swamp, Trenchs & Basements Effluent Treatment Plants, Swimming Pools, Marine Application Transfer for Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Sprits, Gasoil’s etc..


  • Perfect Sealing Assured by High Efficiency and Quality.
  • Mechanical Sealing that means zero leakage and 100% Vacuum Creation
  • Back Pull Out Design
  • Drive Option of Ele. Motor, Coupled or belt drive versions
  • Bearing greased for life, Save external lubrication

Range :

  • Capacity: 75 m3 / hr.
  • Head: up to 35 mtrs.
  • Suction Head: up to 7.5 mtr.
  • Material: Cl, Bronze, Gun Metal, Stainless
  • Steel and Other Alloys.
  • Max. Solid Hand Size: up to 25mm
  • Viscosity: up to 100 mm2 / sec.

Mechanical Seal Option :

  • STD. (carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with NBR elastomeric)
  • CCV (Carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with Viton elastomeric)
  • CCT (Carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with PTFE elastomeric)

For 50Hz=2900RPM

*Suction discharge ports. **Max. permissible solid size