Agitator Seals

We are a prime supplier of Agitator Seals around the world. We manufacture standard size Agitator Seals along with custom made Agitator Seals as per customers preferred specifications. Our wide range of Agitator Seals is exported to different countries for usage in industries. We are an Agitator Seals Manufacturer with high industry demand. We are the main Agitator Seals Suppliers for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry around the globe. In pharmaceutical and food industry there stands a huge chance of contamination of products during the agitation process that is conducted inside the Agitator Seals. Such contamination occurred can easily affect the quality of the products, or it may turn the product unusable. We are an Agitator Seals Supplier, whose manufactured Agitator Seals do not require any lubricating agent for lubrication of the faces. The demand for our Single Seal and Double Seal Agitator Seals is growing day by day making the largest Agitator Seals supplier in the world. Agitator Seals produced us has a wide variety of usage in different industries – that include – vessels, glass line vessels, blowers and reactors.

Our manufactures Agitator Seals are mainly used in the best in class Industrial Agitators.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Consists hardness
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Temperature resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Leakage proof.

Industrial Agitator Sea

Globally, we are among the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Agitator Seals. Our Agitator Seals are produced from the best raw material available to ensure best in class quality and maximum satisfaction of our customers. Agitator Seals produced by us have a very high demand in a wide range of industry due to its unmatched quality and the best performance. When the subject comes to price, we also consider it with a high level of importance, so we try our level best to keep the price very economical but we do not compromise with our product’s quality for that. Our Agitator Seals are priced very economically with the best in class quality.

High Pressure Agitator Seal

We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of the High Pressure Agitator Seals of the best quality. We only use the best raw material available in the market, in the manufacturing process. Our High Pressure Agitator Seal is the best match for top entry vessels, side entry vessels and bottom entry vessels, but it requires a little verification. We have shortened the length of High Pressure Agitator Seal to reduce its deflection; this is our specialty in manufacturing High Pressure Agitator Seals. We design them in such a way that the bearings are placed very close to the vessel. High Pressure Agitator Seals manufactured by us comes with a wide range of important features – cartridge, balanced hydraulic, stationary, top and side entry drive, rotation independence.

Technical Specifications as follows

  • Velocity : 25 m/s
  • Pressure : 10 bar
  • Shaft Diameter : 25 to 150 mm
  • Temperature : (-35) to 300oC
  • Axial Movement : ± 1mm