Tyre Coupling

Tyre couplings are also known as the Self aligning couplings. These couplings are popular because of their self aligning nature and they provide smooth vibration while the operation takes place. They also avoid the metal contact and are very efficient in nature. They take shock loads and help in minimizing the misalignment in the shafts and helping to maximize the power transmission between the shafts. The tyre couplings gives low stiffness and are capable in handling high misalignment between the rotating shafts.

The tyre couplings are highly suited for the vertical drives and offer the possibility of moving highly critical vibrations without having effects on the driving machine element. The tyre couplings that we offer to the users are maintenance free and are easy to handle.

This has indeed made us an reputed tyre coupling manufacturers because of the kind of flexibility and reliability that our components offer to the customers of our company. No lubrication is required to tyre couplings that we offer and the easy installation that our coupling offers to the customers makes us the leading tyre coupling suppliers. Due to our inevitable reputation of delivering the customer expecting products, we have taken control of a large network in the market.

This has led to the development our company and we even export the tyre couplings to many other countries. The positive feedbacks that our company has from our customers have given us the opportunity of being tyre coupling suppliers. Our tyre couplings provide easy replacement and easy maintenance.

The tyre coupling provides

  • Simplified design – the design helps the coupling to take large misalignments and automatically compensate with a flexing body.
  • Shock loads absorption- The tyre couplings offers absorption of large shock loads and provide efficiency in the operation.
  • Self aligning- The tyre couplings are self aligning and can take up the shapes.
  • No lubrication- these couplings provides no lubrication and easy maintenance.
  • Highly safe- since there is no metal to metal contact between the two shafts, there is no current flow. And this provides high safety.
  • Easy installation- the tyre coupling as mentioned earlier are highly flexible and self aligning. Therefore they are easy installed.

We have a number of dimensions of the tyre coupling available and this makes it easy to deliver the customer when the customer is in need of the coupling. It can take up large amount of torque and vibrations and still can maintain its shape because of the flexibility that the tyre coupling provides. These are highly reliable and offers smooth operation in the machine member.

They do not have any projecting members and gives life to bearings. And it Takes high end level shock load and is easy to be replaced. These tyre couplings can be potentially used in explosive atmosphere and still provide safety. These couplings can avoid the unpleasant sound the machine offers and can give a good sound free operation.