Shaft Seal

At Active seals we are designing some of the best and high quality Rotary Shaft Seals. The Shaft Seals designed and developed are extremely flexible and reliable in the quality of their make. Since they are designed by industry expert technicians they are flawless and of utmost quality. Our experience and use of modern technology in supplying and fabricating range of Shaft seals make us one of the leading Rotary Shaft Seal Manufacturers in the country. We boast in manufacturing some of specific shaft seals as required by many of our clients from across the industry.

The Primary function of the shaft seal is to prevent leakage and provide shield from the media getting contaminated. In order to manufacture quality shaft seals we have the full instruments and machinery. Some of the industry experts are toiling 24x 7 to deliver some of the custom shaft seals as demanded by our specific clients. We train our technician teams to keep them updated with the latest trends and market developments. Due to the better management and coordination along with best technology we have created a niche in the industry we serve in.

There are various types of shaft seals that are manufactured at Active seals. We are not only the manufacturers but we are also Rotary Shaft Seal Suppliers in the industry. Some of the shaft seals manufactured at our company are high temperature seals, agitator seals, compressor seals and high pressure seals along with many other varieties of specific manufacturing. We also have the capacity to develop and design seals specific to the requirements of clients. The seals are mostly in high demand in the fields of Paper and pulp, Petrochemical industry, refineries and sugar industry and some chemical and other allied industries. The Seals manufactured by Active seals are sturdy and strong to take any bearing on them.

With a lot of features and strong characteristics the shafts seals are extremely long lasting and durable. The diameter of shaft determines the type of shaft seal required. Also it is highly dependent on the speed of shaft for its rotation. We always take into account the main factors that determine the designing of shaft, which are mainly the temperature, and pressure that they will be exposed to. Every shaft seal manufactured at Active seals will have longer service life since they are manufactured with best available raw materials. The shaft seals provided by our company are reliable and optimum in quality with excellent performance guaranteed.


  • Industrial gear
  • Compressor
  • Rolling mills
  • Washing machines
  • Diesel engines
  • Agriculture
  • Mechanical units
  • Food industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries