Flexible Couplings

Our enterprise provides quality Flexible coupling to other companies that are in need of it. The coupling in general is used to connect two rotating shafts permanently. Our couplings are standardized and can be purchased as readymade units. The material that we have used for the manufacturing of the flexible couplings are high grade material that were tested on various engineering properties before being put in to use. This makes the couplings stress and pore free on the basis of material used for the flexible coupling.

We design the couplings that could handle conditions of high speed rotating shafts and overload conditions. Our couplings had got us an reputation of best flexible coupling manufacturers. The couplings that have been designed by our company have received a wide welcome from the customers. We have equipped our company with recent technology and have taken care of each and every component that has to form the coupling.

The flexible coupling that we provide are machined to a high tolerance value levels and are stress and distortion free. The coupling can be employed in as it is. The company takes the pride to tell that we have grossed a large amount of money and reputation as the flexible coupling suppliers. The couplings that we supply to our customers are error free components and are flexible to use. The flexible couplings that we provide to our are maintenance free and are highly recommended products.

We also export the couplings and have a very good feedback from the international markets as a flexible coupling supplier. We satisfy the customer needs as they want us to be and we design the couplings to the requirement of the customer. The couplings are designed based upon the rotating shafts that are used in the customer plant.

Our couplings provide good alignment of the connecting shafts and are very easy to assemble. It also allows a good level of tolerance value in the alignment of the rotating shafts axes. The flexible couplings minimizes the misalignment in the shafts and provide maximum power transmission and maximizes the runtime of the components. There are also no projection in the couplings made and have a very good level of surface finish. The couplings are taken into care of the temperature during the running condition. The couplings can withstand a high level of temperature and can still provide excellent alignment of the shafts. Our flexible couplings are highly reliable and they are very efficient in their performance. They are also good at reducing the vibrations that are produced during the running of the shafts. Couplings that our company provides to its user require minimum amount of inspection and requires less handling . The couplings even don’t require any lubrications.
The couplings have a very good lifetime because of the kind of manufacturingthat we provide. From the material selection to material handling, machine handling and the processing outcome of the component, we take every movement with sincerity and passion.

The couplings find applications in fields that include turbines, compressors and MVRE plants.