Self Priming Pumps

The self-priming pump is a pump which uses air-water mixture so as to reach a fully-primed pumping condition. It overcomes the problem of air binding through the process of mixing air with water in order to create a fluid with the pumping properties which are much like that of regular water. It then gets rid of the air and moves only water like any other normal pump. We at Active Seals are the Self Priming Pump Suppliers. We make the product available to everyone who needs it at a price which is reasonable enough. The product is of high quality and works efficiently.

Not only are we the suppliers for this product but we are also the Self Priming Pump Manufacturers. We manufacture various types of this product for the sludge type media application to be done. The product is also manufactured and made available in all types of alloy grades.

We manufacture the SG type Self Priming non clog pumps and make it available in a wide range for the customers to choose from. The pumps manufactured by us are very durable, save energy and is installed with excellent thermal features. We believe in advancement and thus we make use of the advanced manufacturing facilities to manufacture our products. The pumps made at our company have turned out to be very efficient for the rain water disposal and the also the sewage treatment plant. The pumps are well-made to handle the mud and the slushy water.

The Self Priming Pump of our company is available with enhanced features. All types of negative and positive suction working is possible with these pumps and are available in various M.O.C. like C.I. Bronze, Gun Metal, Stainless Steel and various other alloys too. The maximum solid hand size is up to 25 mm with head up to 35 Mtr. The capacity of the pump is 75m3/hour with the suction head of up to 7.5 Mtr. The sealing types used are Mechanical Seal and Gland. The pump can be used for dewatering swamps, Trenches and basements, Swimming pools, Marine application, Effluent Treatment Plants, Transfer of lubricants like Petrol, Diesel, Spirits, Gas Oils, Kerosene and many more.

We not only operate at the local level but also at the national and inter-national level. Active Seals is in fact a leading Self Priming Pump supplier with its customers in various countries. We provide with highly efficient and good quality products which are the best that you can get at the available price range.

Self Priming Pump Type “SG”

We fabricate and supply the wide range of SG type self priming non clog pumps. Our pumps are highly durable, energy saving and contains excellent thermal features.

We use the advanced manufacturing facilities to manufacture the products. Our pumps are proven efficient for the disposal of the rain water. It is also used in sewage treatment plant. The pumps are very good at the handling of the mud and slushy water.

Enhanced Self Priming Pump

  • All type of Positive and Negative Suction working.
  • M.O.C. – C.I. Bronze, Gun Metal, Stainless Steel and Other Alloys.
  • Maximum Solid Hand Size : up to 25 mm
  • Viscosity : up to 100mm2/Sec.
  • Capacity : 75m3/Hr.
  • Head : up to 35 Mtr.
  • Suction Head : up to 7.5 Mtr.
  • Sealing Type : Mechanical Seal Fitted and Gland Fitted.
  • Application : Dewatering Swamp, Trenches & Basements, Effluent Treatment Plants, Swimming Pools, Marine Application, Transfer for Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Spirits, Gas Oils etc.