Rotex Spider

Here, at Active Engineering Co., a plethora of uncompromised and highly recommended Rotex Spider Couplings are manufactured on a large basis and with all the varying vibrant colours of blue, green , red and yellow. To continue to keep ourselves well rooted in the industry, we offer all our mechanical seals in perfect and leading price.

The main reason why Rotex Couplings are designed and manufactured is to transmit torque between the drive and driven components through the spiders. The perfect combination of the spiders and the couplings prevents any misalignments in the machines. Rotex spider couplings are divided based on their small dimensions, low mass moments of inertia and the low weight. The working or the service life of the Rotex Spider Coupling are enhanced and improved by the accurate all over machining.

TBeing experienced in the industry for more than two decades, we have the privilege of constructing a large clientele. We consider the unique need of the customers and design the required coupling. Our experience, dedication to our clients and our highly professional staff for so many years have made us the leading Rotex Spider supplier in the industry.

Active Engineering Co. has all standard materials manufactured in the company. The couplings and spiders are all made of high quality polyurethane material and it has significantly higher resistance to higher temperatures. They also have a long service life than the previously used polyurethane material. Rotex Spider Couplings are made in a manner that they are torsionally flexible and emits positive torque movement. Any operational vibrations are reduced and dampened to run the run the entire system smoothly. Also, they are manufactured in a way that they allow a spider to establish in between them. The spiders have crowned teeth so edge pressure is prevented if the shaft is misaligned. Rotex Spider couplings are also capable enough to compensate with the axial, angular and the radial displacements of the shafts that needs to be connected.

It is designed in a special manner to prevent all the kinds of misalignments and the shocks in the industry. Being the leading and highly reputed Rotex Spider Suppliers in the industry, our couplings are in high demand in many industrial sectors and in different instrument applications. If we want to lengthen the life span of the instrument, it is crucial that you chose the best quality Rotex Spider from the highly recommended Rotex Spider supplier like Active Engineering Co.