Industrial Couplings

At Active seals, we are some of the industry best to manufacture Industrial Couplings. The couplings are in general terms used to join or connect two different rotating shafts. We are the Industrial Coupling manufacturers who provide quality couplings to many industrial for various applications in their respective regions. We utilize only high grade materials for the manufacture of couplings and are preferred mainly on account of our quality and seamless delivery.

Our company designs and manufactures some of the highly flexible Industrial couplings. They have the maximum flexibility against misalignment and can be used for a variety of applications. The industrial couplings manufactured at our company have various capacities and can be used in number of industries. The raw material utilized for the manufacturing is the best in its class. On account of which they are the strongest and most sturdy irrespective of the use in whichever industry.

The couplings manufactured by Active seals is guaranteed with long service life and hence we are also known as Industrial Coupling suppliers for the quality and service that we offer. In common terms any coupling is a device that attaches the two components that drive. It is a device that helps to transmit the torque in midst of two rotating components known as shafts. Since the two are separate rotating object it requires scope to permit misalignment in between the two objects. Since the coupling are located in between the two shafts they have the responsibility to permit these misalignments. They also have the responsibility to allow stringent movements and prevent excessive misalignments.

In order to make the articles work efficiently proper coupling needs to be chosn such that the components work in proper sync. With our technology and expert technicians we continue to deliver the best couplings for various industries that makes us the best manufacturer, supplier for the industrial couplings. The couplings manufactured by us are highly demanded and used in various industries. They are mostly used in the automobile industry. Couplings are manufactured by using C. I , Aluminum and M. O. C along with GGG40, which is of the alloy grade of raw material. There are various bore sizes and key way sizes available. The maximum distance of length that the industrial coupling can cover is also self designed at our design studio. You can customize the design as per your requirements. The industrial couplings offered by us are excellent in quality and less priced.

  • M.O.C. – C.I., Aluminum, GGG40 ( Alloy Grade)
  • Spider : Polyurethane with up to98 sh A Hardness.
  • Maximum Bore and Keyway Size available.
  • Maximum Distance length available.
  • Excellence quality with lowest price.

Pin Bush Coupling Type-KB & KX

We provide a large range of the bush pin copling type-KBand KX of the best quality. The coupling transmits the torque through the steel bolts of high tensile characteristics. The couplings are very flexible and consist of the absorbing power of stock loads. We have developed the couplings of various types of technical specifications. We offer the finest quality couplings at industry leading price.

Specifications :

  • High Tensile Strength
  • Custom design
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Reduce Vibration

Steel Lemina Coupling

We offer a broad range of raelex type steel lamina coupling which is fabricated from high grade nickel alloy material. We provide the couplings as per international standard and norms. Our couplings are highly demanded in various industries.

  • Anti corrosive
  • Long service life
  • High tensile strength
  • High absorbing power