Teflon Bellow Seals

We at Active Seals manufacture the Teflon Bellow Seals of a high range. The products are manufactured using high-quality raw materials, which are procured from renowned vendors of this market. We do not compromise on quality at all. The products require low maintenance and are very easy to handle and use. The seals of the product are well fabricated from virgin Teflon for efficient use. The seals are so made that they are independent of the direction of rotation and is of balanced type Bellow. This makes it a reliable and flexible bellow seal. We are the Teflon Bellow Seal Manufactures providing you with seals which are perfectly suitable for the application for the corrosive chemicals, oxidizing, and reducing agents and acidic.

The products of our company are recognized for its flawlessness and for standing up to the expectations of the clients. The seals are used for purpose of ensuring the fine flow of pipelines from the primary glass equipment. We at Active Seals have well fabricated the Bellow Seals for its variety of applications in various industries. We as the Teflon Bellow Seal Suppliers provide with the Bellow Seals that can be used efficiently for the prevention of the backflow and keeping the pressure well under control. The seals are extensively used in various industries like petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and many more such industries.

The company also manufactures PTFE Mechanical Seals. The Active Seal is the popular manufacturing company which provides with PTFE Mechanical Seals. We as the Teflon Bellow Seal suppliers deal with all types of PTFE and ceramic mechanical seals. This product is a highly corrosive component. We use the virgin PTFE Material to make this product so that it comes out as an output which is flawless. It is most demanded in the petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and has a vast usage in the refineries. These are cost effective as a corrosive media sealing.

The Teflon Bellow Seal is widely used in acids, alkalis and in extremely corrosive services. We as Active Seals ventured into this business so as to provide with the requirements of various industries in general, and the mechanical seals and the valves industry specifically. We offer with a wide range of products at highly competitive rates but not compromising on the quality standards. We offer the customized products of PTFE which are extensively used in the process industries to seal the materials. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and thus keep coming up with innovative ideas to cater to our client’s changing demands and requirements.

Bellow Seal

We have fabricated the bellow seals for the variety of applications for the various industries. It is widely used for the prevention of the backflow and keeping pressure under control. These seals are used in many industries like chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and many more.

PTFE Mechanical Seal

The active engineering is the popular manufacturing company providing a PTFE mechanical seal. We are dealing with all types of PTFE and ceramic mechanical seals. The PTFE is the highly corrosive component. We make use of the virgin PTFE material. It is very demanding in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. It has vast usage in the refineries.

To Be Use For :

  • Extremely Corrosive servies
  • Acid & acidic atmosphere
  • General & Light Chemicals

Operating Limits :

  • Shaft Diameter : 18mm to 100mm
  • Pressure : Vacuum … 5 bar
  • Temperature : -45oC to +180oC

Material Of Construction :

  • Sealing faces : Carbon, Ceramic(99.5 %), Silicon Carbide, PTFE, GFT, CFT
  • Elastomer :PTFE, GFT, CFT
  • Hardware : SS 316, Hastelloy C, Monel, Alloy 20