Centrifugal Pump Seal

The active engineering company provides you the most wide range of centrifugal seal, which is highly in demand. Centrifugal seal is suitable for many applications like deep well, swimming pool pumps, waste water pumps, etc. It is specially engineered seal with the perfect finish. We provide you the best brands like KSB, Johnson, Calama, Antico, Kirloskar, etc. A centrifugal pump seal manufacturer has to be more innovative with their range of equipments, because its helps in increasing the productivity. Being a centrifugal pump seal supplier in Ahmadabad, We deal with a number of different industry, so we always try to learn from new experiences, and this quality helps us to raise our business on a large level. A centrifugal pump seal supplier needs to have information about the complete market all over the world, because it helps in developing their business worldwide.

There are four types of centrifugal pumps are as follows:-

  • Centrifugal mud pump – It transfers the sludge and water without any; leakage and you can be able to get them in any alloy grade that you need. It’s easy to maintain and can deal with the flow up to 75m3/hr.
  • Self priming pump – It’s extremely durable, save impeccable, save energy and thermal reserve features. This pump made the disposal of rainwater and sewage tremendously easy. They only cater for unconstructive application and can be furnished in whatever way you want to.
  • Non clog pumps – It can either gland fitted or mechanical seal fitted, and this pump is not only used commercially but for home operation, as well. Its extraordinary pull out design makes it easy to eliminate and keep up.
  • Polypropylene pumps – It is particularly designed to oppose corrosion; this pump is used in highly acidic situations. Their leakage full proof apparatus is tremendously vital to keep the surrounding’s pollution free.

A centrifugal pump is a stainless steel centrifugal monobloc and bare pumps. This pump is specially fabricated. This pump is wetted parts of stainless steel and mainly used in chemical industries and process industries. As this pump is fabricated with the steel, it is used in dairy, beverages and food industries, etc. We provide this unique, feature quality product at an affordable price with less delivery period. This pump helps in moving the liquids from low pressure to higher pressure with a large amount of accuracy.

The Active engineering company serves a new range of centrifugal pumps, which is always aimed at the commodities, and application trouble of the clients. Active engineering pumps are up to with open impellers. It is the perfect design for us in hygienic applications. Especially selected stainless steel alloys and solid apparatus with less wall thicknesses provide the perfect basis for problem-free process.

  • Size : 15mm to 10”
  • Temperature : Up to 350 deg. C
  • Type : Balance Seal, Double Mechanical Seal, Single Spring Seal, Bellow seal etc..