Double Mechanical Seal

Normally double mechanical seal is used where maintenance with the water is not approved, and the atmosphere that the seal has to bear contains greatly corrosive and toxic materials. They are specially planned as per the client’s requirements. It works well with the temperature level of 30 degree c to 200 degrees c. We serve the double mechanical seal faces of the silicon, carbon, ceramic, tungsten, carbide and silicon carbide. Double mechanical seal is very easy to run and simple to install. Double mechanical seal manufactures believe in developing the product as per client’s specific requirement, which helps the Double mechanical seal suppliers in maintaining the healthy relation with the customers. Being a double mechanical seal supplier, we serve advance quality product to our valuable customers.

The double-mechanical seal construction consists of two self-sufficient seals mounted inside the seal chamber outer surface of the pump, which is flushed with a self-sufficient water supply at a flow rate of around two to four gallons per hour (least amount) and a load is less superior to the highest expected to function pressure of the pumped solution. This water might be re-circulated for prevention purposes, provided a cooling of alike is fulfilled when necessarily.

A use of the double-mechanical seal permits the worker to monitor the seal water, looking for the discoloration to point out that the primary seal has started to leak. The seal water has to be disposed of, but, not like the single seal, the collected amount of liquid can be disposed of in an appropriate way. Also, double seal design allows the use of a smaller amount of exotic inboard seal material so when an alternative is necessary it is less costly.

It will be good to use a double-mechanical seal when hazardous liquids are being pumped where it will not possible to hold the leakage in an appropriate manner with a single-mechanical seal. As such, the water being used to lubricate the double seal can be collected and stored in the control vessel for appropriate disposal. Our products are very user friendly and lightweight The Active engineering company has believed in giving long service life of the products. We would like to tell you that, we manufacture, supply and export the mechanical seal, so you can surely trust on our reliability and quality performance. We are renowned wholesale dealer of Ahmadabad, and us develop and create a product as per customer’s requirement. We have experience of market and fabrication; we have a strong technological background, which makes our company more powerful in this competitive world.

Compact Double Mechanical Seals

We fabricate and supply the compact double mechanical seals. It is suitable for the toxic and hot fluids. It is an ideal seal for the condition where the flushing or spraying thoroughly with water is not allowed. The double mechanical seal is also used with non pressurized barrier fluid. It contains good heat transfer qualities. It is easy to operate and simple to install seal with very low maintenance.

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