Mud Pump

Mud Pumps is a very important part of the oil well drilling equipment that is used. It is a large reciprocating pump which is used to circulate the mud which is the drilling fluid on a drilling rig. Active seals provides with a broad range of mud-pumping systems which are well equipped to meet the needs and demands of its customers. The company constantly comes up with improvements and new ideas to move ahead with innovation and cutting edge design. We are the Mud Pump Suppliers who supply the mud pumps of highest quality to circulate the semi-solid or the fluid without any hassles during its operation.

We at Active Seals are the Mud Pump Manufacturers. We manufacture these products and do not just resell them. The products are manufactured from high quality raw materials. It is of sturdy construction and provides with characteristics such as high abrasion. We provide with self-priming pumps, abrasion resistant which provide with better results for the pumping out of the settled sludge. The pumps are time-tested as well as high-pressure mud-pumping systems. All the pumps are equipped to handle any kind of operation in an expert manner.

The company has come up with a huge range of pumps that are well suitable for pumping of muddy water as well as the sewage water, polluted liquids and the solids. Not only all these, the pumps can also be used to clear the water used in the swimming pools. The pump manufactured by Active Seals comes with a head of up to 35 metres and flow up to 75 m3/hour. The sealing of the pumps is done with soft gland and mechanical seal. The suction required can be both negative and positive depending on the user’s need. Even though the pump is a required extensively, it requires low maintenance and the service is very easy to get. The pump is available in various M.O.C. such as C.I., SS 304,SS 316, Gun Metal and various other alloys as well depending on the needs of the customer.

The Mud Pumpsare used in construction, agriculture and Waste Water management and can be put into various applications like Water Transfer, Chemical Transfer, ETP Water, Filter Press, Rain Water, Cooling Water, lubricants like Petrol, Kerosene Oil and other solvents included. Owing to the high quality of the product and its wide range, the demand for it is very high in various industries. Not only do we operate well at the national level but we are also the Mud Pump suppliers. We supply the products to foreign countries as well but do not compromise on the quality of the product in any way.

Features :

  • Head : Up to 35 Mtr.
  • Flow : Up to 75m3/hr.
  • Sealing : Soft Gland and Mechanical Seal.
  • Required Suction : Negative or Positive
  • Maintenance : Low maintenance
  • Service : Easy
  • M.O.C. : C.I., SS 304, SS 316, Gun Metal and other alloy.

Application :

  • Water Transfer
  • Chemical Transfer
  • ETP Water
  • Filter Press
  • Rain Water
  • Cooling Water
  • Petrol, Kerosene, and Other Solvents.


Dewatering Swamp, Trenchs & Basements Effluent Treatment Plants, Swimming Pools, Marine Application Transfer for Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Sprits, Gasoil’s etc..


  • Perfect Sealing Assured by High Efficiency and Quality.
  • Mechanical Sealing that means zero leakage and 100% Vacuum Creation
  • Back Pull Out Design
  • Drive Option of Ele. Motor, Coupled or belt drive versions
  • Bearing greased for life, Save external lubrication

Range :

  • Capacity: 75 m3 / hr.
  • Head: up to 35 mtrs.
  • Suction Head: up to 7.5 mtr.
  • Material: Cl, Bronze, Gun Metal, Stainless
  • Steel and Other Alloys.
  • Max. Solid Hand Size: up to 25mm
  • Viscosity: up to 100 mm2 / sec.

Mechanical Seal Option :

  • STD. (carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with NBR elastomeric)
  • CCV (Carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with Viton elastomeric)
  • CCT (Carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with PTFE elastomeric)

For 50Hz=2900RPM

*Suction discharge ports. **Max. permissible solid size