Rotex Coupling

It is our esteemed clientele of many years who have helped us reach the pinnacle of success in this industry of mechanical seals. We develop a variety of Rotex Couplings that are required for different reasons. We ensure that the raw material that is used namely the polyurethane is of high quality that is of high temperature resistant. Due to our experience of more than 20 years in the industry, we now stand tall confidently in the industry. Here at active Engineering Co., we are a one stop to shop Rotex Coupling supplier in the mechanical seals industry. We feel proud to serve both the day to day competitively priced market with all the high quality products.

The small dimensions, the low mass moments of inertia, and the low weight mainly characterize Rotex Coupling. The actual over all working of the instrument is based on the running quality and service life of the coupling. Couplings are mainly used to deliver positive torque transmission.

The unnecessary and the operational vibrations an shocks are dampened and reduced due to these couplings. Both the coupling halves with the concave claws on the inside are peripherally offset to one another. They are designed in such a way that an involute spider can be fitted inside it. the main purpose of the teeth of the spider being crowned is to avoid edge pressure if the shafts are misplaced.

All our couplings are made sturdy and are flexible. As supplier we are the most preferred ones in the industry. Our trained technician and machinery complement us in the quality at our premises. The Rotex coupling manufactured have long life span and are highly efficient. The couplings produced by our company can be used in a variety of industry but it is mainly utilized in the automotive industry. Most of the couplings are low in their maintenance and preferred choice of many clients. We have clients from across the globe that prefer to chose buying the Rotex Couplings from our company due to the overwhelming quality and advanced technology utilized in the process of manufacturing them.

We are proud to be the main Rotex Coupling suppliers of all types of Industrial coupling especially the Rotex Types of Coupling. With the advanced technology, we have kept ourselves updated with some of the new techniques and processes used in the manufacturing of Rotex Coupling.