Polypropylene Pump

We are a prime supplier of Agitator Seals around the world. We manufacture standard size Agitator Seals along with custom made Agitator Seals as per customers preferred specifications. Our wide range of Agitator Seals is exported to different countries for usage in industries. We are an Agitator Seals Manufacturer with high industry demand. We are the main Agitator Seals Suppliers for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry around the globe. In pharmaceutical and food industry there stands a huge chance of contamination of products during the agitation process that is conducted inside the Agitator Seals. Such contamination occurred can easily affect the quality of the products, or it may turn the product unusable. We are an Agitator Seals Supplier, whose manufactured Agitator Seals do not require any lubricating agent for lubrication of the faces. The demand for our Single Seal and Double Seal Agitator Seals is growing day by day making the largest Agitator Seals supplier in the world. Agitator Seals produced us has a wide variety of usage in different industries – that include – vessels, glass line vessels, blowers and reactors.

Our manufactures Agitator Seals are mainly used in the best in class Industrial Agitators.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Consists hardness
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Temperature resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Leakage proof.

Along with the manufacture, we also are the best Polypropylene Pump Suppliers offering a huge quality range of this pump such that the pumps are made available in various models so as to meet the varied requirements of different industries accordingly. The products are well designed and properly fabricated so as to resist the corrosive chemicals like alkalies, acids and solvents too. The pump is available in semi open impeller as well as acid corrosion mechanical seal. The pump is very simple to install and as easy to operate. One does not required any special training for people to use these kinds of pumps.

On the technical side, the maximum capacity of such pumps is 50m3/hour with a head of 35 Mtr. The temperature is ambient and the M.O.C in which it is available is Molded Propylene. The sealing type is Mechanical Seal Fitting and the impeller type is semi open.

Owing to our customer friendly approach and the accomplishment of customer requirements within the specified time frame, we are also recognised worldwide and are the Polypropylene Pump suppliers. The sophisticated facilities available in our company enable us to meet the demands of our huge customer base spread across the globe and the demands are ever-growing. The professionals of our company work in coordination to meet the demands of our clients and increase the customer satisfaction. Not only do we provide with best quality products but we also provide the clients with excellent after sales service so as to make sure that the pumps work efficiently throughout.

The Polypropylene Pump finds its application in various fields like food industries, Dyes and Chemical Industries, Textile Processing Plant, Oil and other fuels, Pharmaceuticals Industries, Effluent Treatment Plant, Petro-Chemical Industries, Dairy Industries, Fertilizer Industries and the list just goes on. At Active Seals we provide with products that leave you hassle free with high rate of performance.

Technical Spacification

  • Maximum Capacity : 50m3/Hr.
  • Head : 35 Mtr.
  • Application: Acid, HCL, Gases-CI2, Br, I, So2 and etc…
  • Temperature : Ambient
  • M.O.C. – Molded Polypropylene
  • Sealing Type : Mechanical Seal Fitted.
  • Impeller Type: Semi Open

Application :

  • Used in continuous processing acid pickling line in steel industries.
  • For filteration and pressurise feeding in dyes and intermediate industries.
  • Excellant for vacuum ejectors.
  • Scrubbing of corrosive gases like Cl2 Br, I. So2
  • For descaling of tubes

These pumps are high head (up to 35 mtrs.) with different capacity coupled to 2900 rpm motors.

Vertical Polypropylene Pump


Water treatment Plant, Electro Planting & Steel Rolling Mills, Loading / unloading like HCL, Sulphuric acid / Alkali, Caustic Liquid. Scrubbing of corrosive gasses like CI2, NH2, BR2, etc. Ideal for Circulation of chemicals in metal finishing industry.

Technical Data

  • Head: 50 Mtr.
  • Flow: 45 m3 / hr.
  • Temp: 70 °C
  • M.O.C.: PP, UHMWPE
  • RPM: 1440 – 2880 RPM
  • Pressure: 5 Kg / Cm2